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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by so many needs happening all at once? Are you involved in many services at the same time but they’re just not working for you–or you can’t get service? Do you feel like your ideas for your family or yourself are not being taken seriously?

WrapAround is a process that puts individuals and families with multiple needs in charge of their own lives. The goal is  to improve the lives of people who have complex needs. WrapAround helps you by forming a support team around you and/or your family which can be utilized to accomplish your needs. The support team includes the indivdual, family, child or children, friends and professionals who all work together to create an action plan with the main goal of bettering your life.

When our needs can be overwhelming...

WrapAround empowers communities to support people and families struggling with multiple challenges.

How Did WrapAround Help this Church?

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Other WrapAround Initiatives in Ontario

London/Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin County, Toronto, Halton, Ottawa, Northumberland, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Vaughan

Wrapping a Team Around You

WrapAround is a planning process that has been shown to offer hope by helping families who are struggling with complex problems to have a better life on a daily basis. Through the process people regain hope and can better their lives with the support of a team that is focused on achieving the most important complex problem in their life.

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Meet The Team

Elske De Visch Eybergen
Director of WrapAround Services

Elske provides facilitation, facilitator training, coaching and support for Hamilton WrapAround and for Chatham-Kent Neighbourlink’s WrapAround Relational Ministries program. She is Secretary of the WrapAround Association of Ontario.

Mary Charles
Administrative Support

Mary provides Administrative support for the Shalem Hamilton office for WrapAround Hamilton. She also assist in coordinating WrapAround events and volunteers in Hamilton.

Mark Vander Vennen
Executive Director, Shalem Mental Health Network

Mark was one of the first Canadians to implement WrapAround. He is Board Chair of Wrap Canada and Co-director of Wrap Canada’s Trainers and Coaches Group. He provides facilitator training and coaching services.

June Zwier
Director of Mental Health Resources

June provides facilitator training and coaching to churches in the Durham Region interested in providing WrapAround for people with mental illness. June is a member of Wrap Canada’s Trainers and Coaches Group.