How WrapAround Helps

“Creating community for all…One family at a time!”

Throughout the past, when a problem arose, the extended family, neighbours and fellow church members would “wrap around” the family. Together they would overcome the challenge the family faced.

Today WrapAround follows this same path. Community volunteers come along side families to let them know they’re not alone. Wraparound gathers people’s willingness to help into a critical mass that makes something good happen in the life of someone they care about.

With WrapAround, you speak with a trained facilitator (either a community volunteer or a paid staff person) about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your family (if applicable). You and the facilitator then identify your gifts (your strengths) and your needs, and you pick a group of people who will form your WrapAround team–people who know you, like family and friends, and whose advice you trust. The team could include some or all of the professionals you are working with–that’s up to you. With the help of your team, you then decide on action steps for meeting your goals, based on your and the team’s strengths.

Seem far-fetched? It’s not. It’s being done all over North America, and the evidence shows that WrapAround is a best practice in helping people with complex needs to have a better life.

Watch the short documentary on WrapAround